Laird Connectivity Introduces Omni-Directional PCB Antennas for 5G, NB-IoT, and LTE-M/CAT-M Applications

Revie Flex 600 and Revie Flex 700 Omni-Directional PCB Antennas

Expanding the Revie Flex series family, Laird Connectivity is all set to introduce Omni-directional PCB antennas. Named the Revie Flex 600 and Revie Flex 700, these antennas will enable engineers to accelerate the development of wireless products that utilize cellular, 5G, NB-IoT, and LTE-M/CAT-M devices at 600-6000 MHz frequency bands.


The flexible, internal, broadband antennas integrate seamlessly with leading cellular modules. Revie Flex 600 measures 130 x 30 mm, operates over a wideband frequency range of 600-6000 MHz, and has excellent efficiency of 62% to 84% across the range providing industry-leading performance. On the other hand, Revie Flex 700 offers a compact 96 x 20 mm antenna (the smallest available) offering >45% efficiency over a frequency range of 698-6000 MHz. The highly-efficient (45%-84%) adhesive PCB antennas can be quickly and easily mounted to the plastic housing.


The expanded Revie Flex family that also includes the Revie Flex base at 90 x 20 mm, operating over 698-875 MHz and 1710-2500 MHz range, gives customers a comprehensive set of options for adhesive antennas with a broad range of size and performance options for cellular and IoT applications.

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