STM32 Software Function Pack to Deploy Intelligent Edge Devices for Industrial Condition Monitoring

STMicroelectronics' FP-AI-NANOEDG1 Software Pack

STMicroelectronics has released a free STM32 software function pack to help users in building, training, and deploying intelligent edge devices for industrial condition monitoring using a microcontroller Discovery kit. This FP-AI-NANOEDG1 software pack is developed in conjunction with machine-learning expert and ST Authorized Partner Cartesiam. It comprises of all the necessary drivers, middleware, documentation, and sample code to capture sensor data, integrate, and run Cartesiam’s NanoEdge libraries.


Even if the users don’t have the AI skills, they can quickly create and export custom machine-learning libraries for their applications using Cartesiam’s NanoEdge AI Studio tool running on a Windows10 or Ubuntu PC. The function pack ensures to simplify complete prototyping and validation free of charge on STM32 development boards, before deploying on customer hardware where standard Cartesiam fees apply.


The straightforward methodology established with Cartesiam uses industrial-grade sensors on-board a Discovery kit such as the STM32L562E-DK to capture vibration data from the monitored equipment both in normal operating modes and under induced abnormal conditions.


The function pack comes with software to configure and acquire sensor data. NanoEdge AI Studio analyzes the benchmark data and selects pre-compiled algorithms from over 500 million possible combinations to create optimized libraries for training and inference. The software provides stubs for the libraries that can be replaced for simple embedding in the application. Once deployed, the device can learn the normal pattern of the operating mode locally during the initial installation phase as well as during the lifetime of the equipment, as the function pack permits switching between learning and monitoring modes.


The Discovery kit can help acquire data, generate, train, and monitor the solution, leveraging free tools and software, and the support of the STM32 ecosystem. This will further help developers in creating a proof-of-concept model at low cost and easily port the application to other STM32 microcontrollers. As an intelligent edge device, unlike alternatives that rely on AI in the cloud, the solution allows equipment owners greater control over potentially sensitive information by processing machine data on the local device.


The STM32L562E-DK Discovery kit contains a STM32L562QEI6QU ultra-low-power microcontroller, an iNEMO 3D accelerometer, and 3D gyroscope, two MEMS microphones, a 240×240 color TFT-LCD module, and onboard STLINK-V3E debugger/programmer. The FP-AI-NANOEDG1 function pack is available now at the company website for free and the Discovery kit will cost you $76.00 and you get it from the company website or the distributors.

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